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Glare | 2017

dimensions: 21,7 x 19,7 cm

pages: 80

cover: hard

editon: 4 copies in polish, 3 copies in english

The main theme of the book is war and an ambiguous status of a man/soldier: aggressor/victim, human/animal etc.. Not wanting to talk about it in a direct way I use a color – white to be a carrier of meanings. White and war become parallel issues that meet in many points and percolate through each other. White, also has an ambiguous status. It symbolizes innocence as well as mourning; can be considered as a symbol of emptiness, lack and a certain imprecision in the place and time; it is also associated with dangerous blinding - glare; in nature for animals living in Arctic conditions, a white fur is what ensures their safety, but when white appears as a genetic error (albinism), then it becomes a curse and exposes the animal to danger.

In book there are pictures that I’ve made myself and archival photographs. The former are mostly on the verge of visibility, they are heavily whitewashed and almost overexposed. The only thing that distinguish objects from the background is the difference between shades of white and the shade is that what gives them a meaning. As regards to archival photographs I've selected those with overexposed or even shining figures. It refers to strangeness and unnaturalness of whiteness and is supposed to affect a recipient in the same way as dazzling snow on a sunny day.

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